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Ramen Days
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This is a community for those who know exactly what is meant by "the ramen days"... those of us who have gone through tough periods in our lives when ramen was the cheapest and most affordable thing to buy in bulk and eat daily. If you understand what I'm talking about, then you know what it's like. It may have been that you were in college, or you lost a job, or shit just happens and you have to scrape by for a while.

This community is for those who have been there, or are there, and the rest is what we make of it.

Support, encouragement, laughter and money-saving tips.. and whatever else comes up.

We have only 2 rules:

1) Play Nice!
2) Wash the pot after you're done using it.

And a few suggestions:

1) Please, introduce yourself if you have a moment.
2) Don't forget that in addition to joining to be able to post, you must also add the community as a friend if you want to see new posts on your friends page.

The community moderator is: leash44

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